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Creating spectrograms in Linux using a ColorMunki


The software that comes with the ColorMunki Photo is windows-only and is only about calibrating displays and printers.  I wanted to get spectrograms out of it so that we can measure lighting and transmissive materials -- a chart of wavelength vs. intensity.  BTW, check the argyll docs before you buy a ColorMunki -- apparently several of the models are the same hardware priced differently.

Install the argyll ubuntu package, then use the spotread command to take readings.  The -S flag will display a graph after each reading.  Other flags let you set which mode to use -- it has its own light for lighting a surface and measuring the reflected color, or you can have it read ambient light through a diffuser, or do spot readings without the light.  I used -e to take spot readings.

It also prints out a list of intensities at regular wavelength intervals, so that should be easy to import into a spreadsheet for making your own charts.

Here's an example of a chart that spotread produced:

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