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Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2015


Slides of interest to me:

p.47: 6 of top 10 mobile apps are for messaging
p.68: Social network use in 12-24 year olds: Instagram 32%,Twitter 24%, Facebook 14% (down from 35% in 2013)
p.69: 78% of millennials spend >2h per day on smartphone
p.70: 44% of millennials use smartphone camera at least once / day
p.103: Americans receiving government benefits 50% in 2012 vs. 30% in 1983.
p.110: #2 top work value for millenials is "Flexible Working Hours"
p.113: Millenials seen as more narcissistic, open to change, creative than Gen X
p.117: USA Smartphone penetration 64%
p.132: 72% of NYC airbnb hosts depend on it for rent/mortgage
p.163: 7% of Xaomi phone buyers (China) buy a Xaomi home product
p.165: India starting to take off in Internet penetration (very cool chart)
p.169: India #2 in % of internet traffic via mobile
p.170: 41% of India e-commerce is via mobile

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